Culturally, we have been socialized to believe that cheating is wrong. Emotionally & physically, however, cheating might be the right thing to do. >>More
That Is The Question

Till death do us part, has a rather ominous ring to it. It conjures an image of two inmates living day by day, moment to dreaded moment on death row. Not a very pleasant thought. Yet, on death row the incarcerated have something married couples lack, an expected date of departure, appeals not withstanding of course.

Now that life expectancy has surpassed 76 years, it doesn't seem right to condemn men and women to a life where each must submit to the other until death. Yikes!
For as long as society has demanded that women and men keep marital vows and remain faithful to each other until death, there have been cheaters. Married people who step out of their marital vows. Why do they do this?

Many cheaters are upstanding, well educated citizens who hold high positions in the entertainment industry, business sector law, and even government. >>More

Every year countless of men and women go out on dates. How do they pull-off the duplicity? How do they keep their spouses totally in the dark?

It's likely that they follow simple procedures, careful routines, and adhere strictly to The Rules of Engagement. >>More

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